Exhibition: Mexicans

Mexico is an enigmatic land of great beauty and stark contrasts. Its geographic and economic extremes have produced a richly disparate mosaic of physical and cultural realities.

Mesoamerica’s millennia of pre-Columbian history is alive and well just below a thin translucent layer of western civilization.

Mexico is a land of flesh and blood and ghosts and spirits, where life and death are not mutually exclusive. A magical realism pervades the cyclical nature of existence. A mysteriously liberating fatalism allows life to be lived for the moment.

Over the years, my travels in Mexico have provided me with fresh visions of unfamiliar juxtapositions, complex textures, and deep shadows in brilliant light.

These photographs are a sampling of images I’ve gathered in Mexico during the many visits I’ve made to our adjoining neighbor to the south.

Sven Martson, September 2015

All images copyright Sven Martson, all rights reserved.